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Your once in a lifetime chance to be featured on a Times Square Billboard!

Thank you for your interest in our Times Square Billboard placements. We are happy to be able to put you, your company or organization on one or several Times Square Billboards for just $25 per 15 second ad play!

Please see below for this exclusive “pre call” offer that includes information on how to secure our least expensive 10 play package and answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

10 Fifteen Second Ad Plays – static or video! – plus a picture for use in social media for just $250!

Our pre call package is a result of limited supply, high demand, and our commitment to providing lower cost options so that everyone can have their opportunity to see themselves, their company, organization, or brand on the bright lights of the iconic Times Square Billboards at the Crossroads of the World while the opportunity exists!

This placement must be booked before a scheduled call or meeting to lock in the rate otherwise standard packages start at $500. 

What’s included?

  • 10, 15 second ad plays on our Broadway Plaza board located between 42nd and 43rd street between NASDAQ and H&M (pictured on this page.)
  • Placement will occur on one of the next three Friday afternoons of your choice.
  • 1 live (not mocked up) picture of your ad in Times Square for use in Social Media and other communications is included and delivered electronically.
What happens after I reserve my spot?

If you have a call currently scheduled, we will review details, discuss other opportunities, and get everything setup on that call otherwise an integration specialist or sales rep will be in touch within 1 business day. 

How do I book this package to secure my spot?

Click the button below and you will be redirected to our payment page to reserve your spot:

Please see our Questions section on this page or contact us via live chat in the lower right hand corner for more information!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

We have a lot of interest in these exciting placements and our growing team is on back-to-back calls all day, every day, with barely enough time to eat lunch.


We use these pre call opportunities as a qualifier for parties that are not only interested but who have enough interest and budget to secure a placement.


No harm no foul if we do have to hop on the phone first, but we can only offer the 10 – :15 second play $250 placement package if it is booked in advance of the call. We guarantee you will love the experience and benefit immensely from its value.

Of course – if you have already booked time to speak and another prepaid placements doesn’t ask to book a time, we’ll be on the line.


If another client does book the same time and has booked a pre call placement, we will ask to speak at another time and appreciate you understanding that we have to take pre call book clients first.


If you haven’t booked a call, please reach out to us through the live chat button in the lower right hand corner of the site. You can also use our online web chat to ask questions in advance or in lieu of a call.

Thousands of clients per year say that the joy of seeing themselves amongst the largest companies, on some of the coolest most iconic billboards, at the crossroads of the world is worth infinitely more than even our largest programs.


From a business perspective – sharing photos of your placement on social media, in emails and other customer communications as well as with friends, family, investors and others will increase perception and trust. 


On social media, when photos or videos are posted, you can expect likes, comments, shares, and other metrics to go through the roof.


With years of experience and more Times Square Billboard placements than we can count, we have never missed the mark.

We accept both static image (jpg) and animated video (mp4.) Please note that videos must be exactly :15 seconds in length. Need help? A member of our implementation team can guide you to creating and formatting the best creative for your placement!

With pre call bookings we offer special rates for our expert team to create an ad for you.  All we need for you to do is to provide direction and any logos or imagery you would like to use.


Typically $250 per static ad, our pre call creative special is just $100 on top of the $250 10 play package.


You can book your creative add on by following this link.


Interested in video? Please contact us for a custom quote.

Certainly, if promoted the right way.


Clients use photos and video of their placement on social media, in emails and other marketing communications to increase awareness and perception.


Social media followers and new fans like, comment, and share more than any other post.


Some clients plan full events or client visits around the time of their placement. Turn your ad plays into an event or larger marketing program!


We can provide guidance along the way or for an added fee manage additional promotion for you but yes, 15 seconds on a Times Square Billboard will last a lifetime!

This opportunity IS running out. As more and more of these placements become “programmatic” (like ads on the internet), big brands are buying them up and costs are increasing due to what’s known as RTB (Real Time Bidding.)


Also, there’s no guaranteeing that our partners will shift or cap what we’re able to do – it’s happened before – so YES, THIS IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.

No, we partner with media owners who own the billboards and other placements we offer (ConnectedTV, Streaming Audio – no, we don’t own NBC or Spotify either but maybe one day ;0) ).


We have worked with these partners for several years, building the “pipes” to be able to offer these placements and the platform that makes the process seamless – Five Tier Connect.


So no, we are not screen or network owners but rather the demand generation (some call it a Demand Side Platform or DSP) and delivery mechanism to transact ad buys more effectively and efficiently.

Check out or press (linked below) and reviews. You can also visit our standalone office not far from Times Square as we’re not a WeWork, shared space, or “virtual” company but rather a team in a physical space with some cool office amenities like Pop-A-Shot, Darts, and regular office parties. We’re also happy to provide recent client references.

Within 1 business day you will be contacted by one of our integration specialists or a sales rep to go over the details of your placement, answer any questions you might have, and to help out where needed.


If you have already booked a meeting then we will just use that time to go over details and discuss any additional opportunities that may interest you.


You can also always reach out to us via live chat in the bottom right corner of this website to confirm your placement, ask questions, or discuss other details at any time. Please just note that we are currently online M-F, 9am(ish) to 6pm(ish) Eastern Standard Time all year minus major holidays. We will still do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible once we receive your message.

Our $250 pre call package is only offered on Friday afternoons so that we can efficiently take and distribute photographs for social media.


You can upgrade your package to a different day or night for an additional $100 by clicking here, or purchase one of our standard packages through our Spectacular’s division, Connected Studios by clicking here.

Yes! Throughout Times Square and elsewhere. Our platform, Five Tier Connect, allows you to access hundreds of different out of home media formats on hundreds of thousands of screens around the world.

We also have access to Connected Television, Streaming Audio (radio, streaming services, podcasts) and other media channels.

Contact us to learn more and ask about a platform demo!

If you would like to upgrade to a different location or add services, the price of the pre call package and any upgrades can be applied to your new package and the same discount will apply.


For instance, if you upgrade to a $5,000 package but purchased a pre call package ($250) with creative assistance ($100) the total of $350 would be applied to the discounted spend of $4,750 for a total remaining payment of $4,400 (the $250 pre call package discount will still apply resulting in the initial discount of $250 to the $5,000 package.)


Long story short: reserve your spot now for preferred rates and maximum flexibility on higher tier packages!

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