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Become a Five Tier Affiliate!

Make money, grow your career, work from anywhere!

Join our community of professional Five Tier Affiliates to help grow our platform and earn 10% commission on every sale! 

Register below for your free account to get access to our affiliate dashboard complete with tracking links, training materials, and tools to help you sell!

Subscribe to become a preferred affiliate for $100 per month and receive 20 guaranteed warm leads to close, 20% commission, training and access to our executive team. That’s just $5 per lead, increased commission, free lead generation software, outreach tools, and career growth! 

Benefits of becoming a preferred affiliate:

  • 20% commissions
  • 20 warm leads delivered to you per month
    – 1 closed $500 lead per month pays for preferred status!
  • Access to advanced support materials
  • Access to additional lead generation software
  • Access to company management
  • Complimentary Times Square billboard placement and photo of your picture

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Why become a preferred Five Tier Affiliate?

Represent the world's leading Connected Media platform in one of the fastest growing industries!
(Imagine: What would your life be like if you were one of the first people selling programs for Google or Facebook?)

You'll start by perfecting the sale of our introductory offer, Connect: Times Square.

With exclusive access to numerous iconic billboard locations at the “Crossroads of the World” – New York City’s Times Square – we have crafted a successful outreach and sales program with capacity to generate seven figures annually, and have road tested it over the last five years.

Phase 1 of Training (2 Hours)

  • What is Five Tier Connect and how to people hear about us?
  • What is the introductory offer and what opportunities does it present?
  • What are the details of the placement and common questions?
  • How do we package and sell the opportunity?
  • What are the steps to delivery and post-program followup?
  • How do I receive leads?
  • How do I use Five Tier Connect to manage and generate my own leads?
Additionally, you will be given two days of “digital” field training: minimum of two “ride along calls” and two “professional coaching” calls before being tested upon which testing successfully you will be given the opportunity to take calls independently.

Your sales opportunity on just one board…

    • 4,800 fifteen second ad plays in a 20 hour day
    • $25 per play = $120,000 daily sales opportunity
    • 20% Preferred Commission:
      • $24,000/day
      • $120,000/week
      • $6.24MM/year
(Yes, we know, the math is crazy – but it’s real!)

Then, move on to selling our larger offerings including
two of the fastest growing categories of media!

Five Tier Connect: Platform Sales

While Connected Media encompasses everything from Connected Broadcast (Billboards, TV, Radio) to Connected Direct (Mail, Email, Mobile Messaging, Social), if you were just to focus on two categories – Digital Out of Home and ConnectedTV – you would find yourself in the middle of a goldmine of opportunity.

Digital Out of Home Ad Spending is forecasted to comprise of 42% of total out-of-home ad spending by 2023. 

ConnectedTV Ad Spending is forecasted to comprise of 7.6% of total media ad spending by 2024.

Both are already multi-billion dollar industries.

Phase 2 of Training (2 Hours)

  • How do we package and present our next stage of opportunities?
  • What other media and marketing opportunities are of focus for Five Tier?
  • Who are our best client targets and how do we categorize “Growth” and “Enterprise” clients?
  • How do we present for sale, sell, and deliver Growth and Enterprise programs?
In addition to this sales training, you will undergo product training and be introduced to core members of our business development, strategy, and execution teams.

Interested in joining our Enterprise Sales Team?

The most successful affiliates will have the opportunity at their option to join our growing Enterprise Sales team.

Enterprise Sales Team Opportunity

  • Move from paid affiliate/1099 position to full time salaried opportunity
  • Sell the world’s largest, well known brands and companies on our most sophisticated offerings
  • Benefits, bonus and profit share opportunities
  • Co-location work opportunity for those interested in in-office opportunities 

So, what are you waiting for?

Register to become an affiliate now!